All My Loving Rose (3Gal)

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Exquisite green leaves arrive in spring, along with healthy shoots and buds. In late spring and summer, the buds open and the flowers bloom, wearing soft petals and bright pink color. Butterflies, birds, and pollinators can’t resist the delicate fragrances they produce! This hybrid tea variety is treasured for the particularly large and well-formed flowers it produces, perfect for cutting and placing in a vase.

  • Class – Hybrid Tea
  • Plant Habit – Tall
  • Growth Habit – Upright to slightly spreading
  • Plant Height – 4 1/2 – 5 feet
  • Stem Length – Medium-Long
  • Foliage Color – Semi-glossy medium green
  • Flower Color – Light red to dark pink
  • Flower Size – Large, around 4-5 inch diameter,

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3 Gallon


Hybrid Tea, Rose