Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry (4″)

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Ground cherries are commonly grown for snacking, as they are bite-sized and taste like a mix between a pineapple and a tomato: sweet and citrusy. Works well for preserves and pies, over ice cream, and in fresh-fruit salads, and can always be eaten right off the vine. They have a roaming habit and grows fruits that turn a golden orange color, and drops to the ground. Just remove the husk and enjoy!

• Days to Maturity: 65 – 70
• Fruit Bearing: Indeterminate
• Sun: Full
• Planting Distance: 24″
• Support: Yes
• Height/Width: 18 – 24” / 24″
• Fruit Size: 1/2″
• Fruit Color: Golden Yellow
• Watering: Moist soil, but not saturated

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Ground Cherry, Tomato