Berry Blue Honeyberry Bush

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Honeyberry is relatively new on the scene in America, though it’s been around for a while. It is just now beginning to catch on in home gardens. It starts off tangy and ends up sweet, and is a fruit with a flavor like wild blueberries and currants and looks like a long blueberry. Packed with healthful antioxidants, they make great fresh snacks that can also be dried or prepared as preserves and pies. Berry Blue’s compact size makes it ideal for containers too.

Best with another honeyberry or honeysuckle/sweetberry plant for pollination.

• Soil: Well-drained, nutrient-rich loamy soil
• Water:
Keep soil consistently moist throughout the growing season
• Harvest Late May into June
• Spacing: 12″ apart
• Height: 4 – 5′ tall
• Width: 4 – 5″ wide
• Exposure: Light Shade