Celestial Night Rose Tree (36″)

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A telescope is no longer required to view the dark purple shades of a galaxy from your own backyard – you can see them with your own eyes when admiring the mystical colors of Celestial Night. The out of this world deep plum purple is the most challenging color to attain in the rose breeding world. Combining disease resistance and vigor to that coloration makes it almost a supernatural achievement! This heavenly rose also reaches for the stars when it comes to flowering performance.

Rose trees are not actually a class of rose. A rose plant is grafted onto a straight trunk, giving a treelike appearance, with an initial shape almost like a lollipop. The tree will take on the shaping characteristics of the rose used on the graft (climbing, floribunda, grandiflora, etc). Elegant and formal, they add a grandeur and sophistication in the landscape. Will also be gorgeous in a container. Will grow to around 4 feet tall.

  • Class – Floribunda
  • Growth Habit – Rounded
  • Stem Length – Medium-Long
  • Foliage Color – Glossy dark green
  • Flower Color – Plum purple with raspberry reverse
  • Flower Size – Medium

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