Fingerling Potato (Pony Pack)

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A fingerling potato comes from a special variety known to produce unusual tubers which are small, long, and narrow, shaped much like fingers. Unlike young or new potatoes, they are fully mature when harvested, in spite of their small size and thin skins. Colorful and fun, these nutritious, flavorful heritage potatoes are cooked very much like white or yellow potatoes, but because of their small, interesting shapes and sizes they are commonly cooked whole and used in side dishes or in salads.

• Soil: Loamy, well-drained soil
• Water: Keep soil consistently moist throughout the growing season
• Fruit: Brown skinned and white flesh, 2 lb. fruits
• Height:
30 – 36″
• Harvest:
About 10 weeks
• Spacing: 12 – 15″ apart
• Type: Root Vegetable
• Exposure: Full Sun

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