G&B Organics Purely Compost (1.5CU)

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Mix Purely Compost with your native soil to improve poor soil conditions. This proven organic compost includes no harmful synthetic chemicals, creating a better environment for plant growth and health. The beauty of Purely Compost is, it works on anything from trees to shrubs, bulbs to veggies. In addition to loosening clay soils for better drainage, Purely Compost provides a great topdressing around established plants to give them more vitality and vigor.

  • Helps loosen clay soil
  • Improves poor soil, creating the perfect soil environment
  • Ideal as a topdressing around established plants for increased vitality

Application rate
1.5 CF – Amends 15 sq ft

Tomato Skins, almond shells, rice straw and hulls. In OR, WA, ID this product contains: bark fines, composted dairy manure, composted chicken manure, and seabird guano.

pH Range 5.8 – 7.5

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1.5 Cubic Feet