Giant of Italy Parsley (4″)

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Huge dark-green leaves with great flavor. Flat Leaf Parsley has strong flavored leaves that are mostly associated with Italian dishes. It has serrated leaves and a clean, slightly peppery taste with a stronger flavor than curly-leaf parsley. The leaves are great fresh or dried, but we prefer using it fresh! It’s high in vitamins and minerals including potassium, iron, copper and manganese. Grows in windowsill containers too!

• Soil: Rich, well drained
• Fertilize: At planting, and halfway through growing season
• Water: Best when consistently moist, but tolerant of drying between waterings
• Spacing: 18 – 20″
• Height: 18 – 20″
• Width: 15 – 20″
• Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade

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