Graffiti Cauliflower (Pony Pack)

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Victoria has established the gold standard by which to judge good rhubarb: large, fat stems, bright red skin, lack of stringiness, and a tart flavor , and used in everything from jams and fruit tarts to soups and sauces… even ice cream. Rhubarb is also one of the most adaptable garden crops you can grow. And because it’s a perennial, it will yield years of  harvests with little trouble and few pests. By the way, never eat the leaves!

• Soil: Well-Drained, Fertile
• Fertilizer: During the growing season
• Water: Keep soil consistently moist throughout the growing season
• Harvest: Stalks in late spring and early summer in the second year
• Spacing: 36″ apart
• Height: 24 – 36″ tall
• Width: 36 – 48″ wide
• Exposure: Full Sun

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