Ketchup & Mustard Rose (3Gal)

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Slap a layer of the brightest red onto a backside of darkest yellow, and set it atop the greenest, glossiest leaves. Better yet, the flowers hold on to their attention-getting tones to the very end. Tidy enough to tuck into a landscape, lend an accent to a container or top a rose tree. You want fries with that?

  • Class – Floribunda
  • Plant Habit – Medium
  • Growth Habit – Rounded & Bushy
  • Plant Height – 35 – 47″
  • Foliage Color – Glossy green
  • Flower Color – Ketchup red/mustard yellow bicolor
  • Flower Size – Up to 4-inch diameter

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3 Gallon


Floribunda, Rose