Kiwi Magic Hardy Kiwi Combination Vine

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This kiwi is actually two plants: a male and a female. They’re potted together so you don’t have to worry about how to pollinate it. This means this vine produces tons of  hardy kiwis for you! The hardy fruit produced by this vine are smoother and thin-skinned, and they are about the size of an egg. Cut, they’ll still look like the fresh green fruit you are used to in the stores, with a cute circle of little seeds. Hardy Kiwi fruit is sweeter and less acidic than traditional kiwis, which makes them a quick, tasty snack!

• Soil: Well-drained, nutrient-rich
• Water:
• Harvest Late September
• Support: Needs a fence, trellis or lattice for climbing
• Width: 12 – 20′ Spread
• Height/Length: Up to 30′
• Exposure: Full to Part Sun

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