Lemon Balm (4″)

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A lovely citrusy culinary herb, Lemon Balm adds a wonderful zest to salads, fish, drinks and more! Try lining your cake pans to infuse your desserts with natural lemon flavor, or by making a Lemon Balm marinade for your next steak. The plant looks best when it is cut back periodically, so plan to use lots of fresh, flavorful leaves to brew tea, sprinkle into fruit or green salad, and season fish. You can even include some cuttings in bouquets. Lemon balm can be grown in containers if you don’t want it to spread.

• Soil: Well drained, let dry between waterings
• Fertilize: Add lime if necessary
• Water: Water well until established
• Spacing: 20-24″
• Height: 24″
• Width: Spreads, can take over areas
• Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade

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