Miss All-American Beauty Rose (3Gal)

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The original name for this hot pink diva was ‘Maria Callas.’ Bred by Meilland in France it was named for the famous American opera singer, and given a new identity here in America as Miss All-American Beauty. Her gown of brilliant deep hot pink enhances her full curvaceous figure. Her attractive bushy plant carries large long-lasting blossoms filled with sweet rose perfume and set against huge leathery leaves. Consistent color.

  • Class – Hybrid Tea
  • Plant Height – 3 to 6 1/2 feet
  • Plant Habit– Medium
  • Growth Habit – Bushy
  • Foliage Color – Huge, green, leathery
  • Flower Color – Deep hot pink
  • Flower Size – Large

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3 Gallon


Hybrid Tea, Rose