Northland Blueberry Bush

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Northland blueberries are sweet, dark blue, and prolific, with medium-size berries that taste amazing, but are on the softer side. Yields ranging from 3-12 pounds of fruit. An excellent, compact bush, Northland grows to around 4 feet tall, and has beautiful fall colors that range from reds to oranges. Berries will ripen all at once, which makes for a great harvest to make jam or freeze some for smoothies later! Ask a Beaver Bark associate which pollinating blueberry to plant nearby.

• Plant Habit: Upright
• Soil: Widely Adaptable, Well Drained
• Water: Regularly
• Height: 4′
• Width: 4′
• Harvest: Mid-Season
• Exposure: Sun to Part Shade
• Fertilizer: Through the growing season, to increase acidity


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