Rio Samba Rose Tree (36″)

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Brightly colored medium-sized flowers often come in small clusters, making a vibrant display in the garden. Plant improves with establishment. Dark green foliage. Early to flower. Best size & color in cool climates. Early to bloom.

Rose trees are not actually a class of rose. A rose plant is grafted onto a straight trunk, giving a treelike appearance, with an initial shape almost like a lollipop. The tree will take on the shaping characteristics of the rose used on the graft (climbing, floribunda, grandiflora, etc). Elegant and formal, they add a grandeur and sophistication in the landscape. Will also be gorgeous in a container. Will grow to around 4 feet tall.

  • Class – Hybrid Tea
  • Plant Habit– Medium
  • Growth Habit – Rounded
  • Foliage Color – Dark green
  • Flower Color – Blushing yellow
  • Flower Size – Medium

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Hybrid Tea, Rose, Rose Tree