Scentimental Rose Tree (36″)

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You might think stripes are a new thing on a rose. But it’s the old rose heritage that brings the genetic striping to this spicy, scented newcomer. Each petal is as unique as a snowflake—some more burgundy-splashed-white, some more cream-swirled-red; all on the same vigorous plant. The nearly continuous number of blossoms and distinctive clean quilted foliage can’t be beat, in the past or the now. Best color and size in moderate temps. Perfect for potpourri.

Rose trees are not actually a class of rose. A rose plant is grafted onto a straight trunk, giving a treelike appearance, with an initial shape almost like a lollipop. The tree will take on the shaping characteristics of the rose used on the graft (climbing, floribunda, grandiflora, etc). Elegant and formal, they add a grandeur and sophistication in the landscape. Will also be gorgeous in a container. Will grow to around 4 feet tall.

  • Class – Floribunda
  • Plant Habit – Medium
  • Growth Habit – Rounded
  • Foliage Color – Clear, green, quilted
  • Flower Color – Burgundy-red swirled with creamy white
  • Flower Size – Medium-large, around 4 inch diameter, in medium sized clusters
  • Stem Length – Medium

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