Spearmint (4″)

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Spearmint is the classic mint. It’s used in teas, sauces and jellies, in fruit salad, and in mojitos, plus more uses we can’t think of right now. Spearmint marries well with lamb, and make excellent dishes seasoned with it. Chopped or whole is great in salads. Considered the most versatile and popular garden mint, spearmint has a fruity aroma and flavor. As with any mint, it can grow invasive if left to itself. Plant in containers if you don’t want it taking over. Cut back to the ground twice a season.

• Soil: Well drained, nutrient-rich
• Water: Keep consistently moist-to-soggy
• Height: 20 – 24″
• Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade
Harvesting: Pick mint leaves at any point in the growing season

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