Toma Verde Tomatillo (4″)

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Tomatillos have a vibrant, tart flavor with citrus undertones, and they are the key ingredient in dozens of Mexican green sauces.  If you’ve ever had Enchiladas Suizas or Salsa Verde then you’re already familiar with the flavor of tomatillos! Fresh tomatillos are easy to store — it’s almost as if they want to be a permanent part of your kitchen! Keep them in the fridge, husks intact, and they will keep for weeks at a time.

Days to Maturity: 68-70
Fruit Bearing: Indeterminate
Sun: Full
Planting Distance: 36″
Plant Height: 3 – 4′
Plant Width: 3 – 4′
Fruit Size: 2 – 3″
Support: Yes
Fruit Weight: 1lb.
Fruit Color: Green
Soil: Nutrient rich, well-draining
Watering: Moist soil, but not saturated

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