Violet’s Pride Rose (3Gal)

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As Lady Violet was particularly proud of her garden for producing Best in Show blossoms, the prolific blooming rose Violet’s Pride generates some of the most elegant buds and flowers that are worthy of first prize. These exquisite lavender blooms with a magenta-colored heart are held proudly on top of a vigorous and even rounded bush.

  • Class – Floribunda
  • Plant Habit – Medium
  • Growth Habit – Round and bushy
  • Stem Length – Medium
  • Plant Height – 3 – 4 feet
  • Foliage Color – Glossy dark green
  • Flower Color – Lavender with a magenta heart
  • Flower Size – Medium, around 3 1/2 -4 inch diameter, in medium sized clusters

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3 Gallon


Floribunda, Rose