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Tranquility In The Garden

StreamMost gardens are infused with beautiful sights and fragrant smells, but nothing beats a garden that adds the sound of flowing water.

Ponds and water features can fit into any size garden or even a patio. From large waterfalls to bubbling containers, our Water Gardening Shop can help make it happen.

Visit our Water Gardening Shop for all your supply needs. We carry the best selection in the Tri-Cities area for fish, pond plants, pond liners, rock, filters, pumps and more.

Want some expert advice? Just ask. Our team is here to help you discover how, with a little time, you can create and manage your own flowing addition to your garden.


Pond and pump systemSpring is coming, and your sleeping pond will be ready to awaken sooner than you think. Help your pond or water garden make a healthy transition with these tips:

Plan Improvements – It’s still too early to do anything, but you can use this time to plan pond improvements. Is this the year to add a fountain? Or a waterfall? Or perhaps install a new, energy-efficient water pump? We’ll offer great ideas as well as quality pond products for you.

Take inventory of your pond maintenance supplies – Was there something you wish you had last year to make pond maintenance easier? Are there new products you want to try or something you’ve been meaning to get? Check your existing inventory, stock up on essentials such as extra tubing for emergency repairs, and take the plunge.

Get supplies for a healthy pond ecosystem – In early spring, the pond ecosystem is in a fragile, transitional state where water conditions can rapidly deteriorate. Increased biological activity means a greater demand for oxygen, especially in dirty ponds. As organic materials from the previous year begin to break down, they can lower pond pH, release harmful ammonia, and provide an abundant supply of nutrients for algae. Be prepared with pond water conditioners.

Check plumbing & electrical – Go over your filtration system to see if everything is working. Check for damage and also test the GFCI outlet. Replace everything that isn’t working correctly. This will ensure proper filter operation once the water temperature is warm enough (above 45°F), to start your pond filtration system.