Concrete Buggies


Got a weekend cement project but don’t want to mix by hand, and a big mixing truck is too much?  Grab one of our buggies and you can pour your own dog runs, patios, walkways and fence post, (and other projects we haven’t thought of) and you will definitely finish earlier than hand-mixing, and much cheaper than a big rig! Even better, you can do it on your own schedule.

Concrete-by-the-Yard Mixing Buggies are available any day of the week. They’re fully automated, with a hydraulic dumping and rotating drum, and make quality concrete pours.  Reserve one, and we can have you in and out in minutes; just figure out the measurements, then call us at 509-946-1000. If you’re not sure about the volume, just use the handy calculator on the right.

• Finishing tools are also available for rent: trowels, brooms, groovers, and bull floats.

• Hauling a buggy requires at least a half-ton truck with a frame hitch.

• Buggy capacities: 1.25 cu. yd. or 1.75 cu. yard.

Call 946-1000 to Reserve a Concrete Buggy… Don’t Forget we have finishing tools available if you need them!

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Great Job!

Projects like these can be poured and leveled in just a few hours!