Proven Winners

Water Soluble Plant Food

Our Fertilizer Gives Amazing Results!

It is critical to understand the importance of regular feeding of your plants! Just like people, your flowers need food and water to provide you with constant color!  When growing plants in containers, the food must be added to the container or basket since the plant has no other way to get nutrients. This mix-in-water plant food can be added each time you water your plants, it provides all the necessary nutrients to keep your plants going strong.

Proven Winners Water Soluble Plant Food

Unique 24-12-17 NPK ratio is designed to maximize flowering and plant growth. This is the only plant food which includes Iron in the important EDDHA form designed to keep plants green at varying pH ranges.

proven winners plant food
proven winners plant food

Designed with the lazy gardener in mind, our Continuous Release plant food provides all the same nutrients but in granular form so you only need to apply once or twice each season! One application every six months is all you’ll need as our fertilizer delivers nutrients only when the weather is warm and plants are actively growing. It won’t waste plant food during cold months when plants don’t need it.

Proven Winners Continuous Release Plant Food

This unique 15-7-15 NPK ratio was designed to maximize flowering and plant growth. Feeds plants for 6-months with only one application.