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Bernie’s Favorite

This is our most popular nugget. Approximately 1 to 3.5″ in size.Bark nuggets are timeless and an ideal addition to any yard. They are an organic, naturally sourced bark and control heat and moisture in planting beds. Spread at a depth of at least 3″.


Bernie's favorite bark nuggets

Medium Shredded Bark

The best product for windy areas! A bark mixture from various trees. Shredded bark traps moisture in your beds better than large chips, decomposes quicker, and more readily adds nutrients to the soil over time. Spread at a depth of at least 3″.


Shredded bark

Bark Fines

Used in many soil blends or as an accent mulch for annuals and other accent areas. It provides both excellent coverage and soil conditioning. Bark fines are valued for their great look and soil conditioning properties.

Bark landscaping

Fine bark

Playground Chips

Taken from the wood of the tree, not the bark, to reduce splinters. Use a depth of 10″ for maximum shock absorption in playgrounds. That depth ensures enough cushioning to prevent injuries from falls from heights up to 10 feet.


Playground Chips