As the essential parts of any landscape, they offer a diversity and beauty you can’t ignore.


FlowersWherever kind of yard or garden you have, there’s a wide range of shrubs which will fit your need. Shade or sun, wet or dry, hot or cold, tall or short,  spreading or upright. There are shrubs that will flower all season with such beauty it will make you cry, and shrubs with scented blooms or foliage. There are shrubs for privacy, ground cover, stunning stem color, and a wide range of foliage color. You can even choose between evergreen or deciduous. Even better, most shrubs can easily be grown in containers and some get lovingly styled, like a pampered pet.

No Peaking

Formal and informal hedges have an attractive, natural look, offer privacy, can protect your yard from wind and traffic noise, and look great. Many options are evergreens, but a row of  flowering shrubs could fit your style better, and attract birds and bees too! Ask us what would work best for you.

Showy Specimens

A specimen shrub really packs a punch in the landscape, a real standout by virtue of its flowers, fruits, foliage, bark, or all of the above! Some flowering shrubs can soar to the size of a small tree, and their blooms can be quite spectacular. Peeling bark, twisted branches, vivid hues of berries and unusual leaves are also all hallmarks of a great specimen shrub.

Low Growers

Ground-cover shrubs grow low, and often have a spreading habit. They’re commonly used to cover large portions of beds or landscapes. Ground covers and mass plantings generally serve the “repetition” principle, in which plants of a particular size, shape, color, and texture are repeated to easily draw the eye along a landscape.

Foundation Plants

These are used to act as a “base” or “anchor” that impart a solid feeling to a structure and visually link it to the surrounding landscape. Foundation plants also break up the stark right angle junction of building and ground. Traditionally, evergreen shrubs, (either broadleaf shrubs or conifers) are used so that the structure is covered the entire year, but showy, flowering shrubs are equally at home there too