Bulk Soils & Amendments

Plain Dirt

Also known as fill dirt. It’s best to use where a stable surface is needed. Fill dirt is without void spaces and won’t shift or move. This makes it great for filling holes and leveling. Unamended.

Enriched Soil

Building healthy soil is a first step toward growing a beautiful garden or lawn. EKO Compost Enriched Soil is great for general flower or raised vegetable garden use. One of our best sellers!

Potting Soil

Potting soil has three main components: Peat moss provides moisture and nutrient retention. Pine bark provides anchorage, moisture retention and air space. Vermiculite provides air space. All are necessary, and ours has it all.

EKO Compost

EKO Compost is 100% organic. It loosens hard packed soil and adds billions of micro-organisms which keep the soil “alive”. The pH as measured is 7.2, a neutral level. Till EKO Compost into the top 4″ of your soil for new plantings.

Certified Compost

Because of its many attributes, compost is extremely versatile and beneficial in many applications. Compost improves the properties of soils and growing media. Certified Compost has the Seal of Testing Assurance.

5-Way Planting Mix

Planting mixes take the best of everything and put it in one product. Our mix is a combination of EKO Compost, Sandy Loam, Forest Humus, Fir Tree Bark and Aged Bark Fines.

Need Organic Soil?

For best results you can add a few bags of our organic potting soils to our custom blended bulk soils.