Classic… Colorful… Distinctive. These are just a few words that describe the amazing splendor of the snapdragon. Recognized by the National Garden Bureau as the 2019 plant of the year, it’s not hard to see how this beautiful, fragrant flower has enraptured so many.

2019 Year of the Snapdragon

These annuals are absolutely stunning in the Spring or Fall garden and they smell amazing too! Native to the Mediterranean region and parts of the Middle East and North Africa, snapdragons are well loved for their intense blooms. Tubular, dragon-shaped flowers come in a variety of colors including pastels and bi-colors. Their botanical name, Antirrhinum, derives from the Greek and means “like a snout”. This refers to the seed pod’s resemblance to a calf’s nose. Additionally, the flower also resembles an open mouth when pressed on its side.

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A Snapdragon for Every Occasion

Candy Showers SnapdragonsSnapdragons range in height from dwarf (6-10″), medium (16-24″), and tall (24-30″). This makes them ideal for use in containers, garden beds, and floral arrangements. There’s also a new variety called “Candy Showers” that is ideal for hanging baskets and window boxes!

General Care

Caring for a snapdragon is really quite simple! Snapdragons bloom most profusely in full sun to partial shade during Spring. During the heat of Summer, take care to keep them shaded from the sun and well watered and they will likely bloom again in the Fall. Some varieties will even self-seed if the flower-heads are left on the plant at the end of its growing season.

Twinny Peach Snapdragon

An AAS Winner

A few varieties of snapdragon were also chosen by the All-America Selections as winners in 1936, 1970, and 2010. In 2010, the snapdragon variety “Twinny Peach” won for its unique quality and blend of peach tones. These plants can reach about 12 inches tall and are the perfect addition to bouquets.

You Could Be A Winner Too!

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