Americans love planting trees – in fact, approximately 1.6 billion new trees are planted in the U.S. every year, with 5 million of them being grown by the general public. Growing your own little orchard of fruit trees is an excellent way to help improve your diet as well as minimize your impact on the environment, and there are plenty of wonderful varieties to choose from. However, it can be easy to forget that fruit trees in particular require plenty of care once planted if you want them to thrive and provide a plentiful, delicious harvest.

The Importance of Fertilizer

Dr. Earth Fruit Tree FertilizerNorth America provides the perfect landscapes for forests and woodlands to thrive, evidenced by the fact that tree coverage in the US has grown by over 301,000 square kilometers (116,000 square miles) in the last 35 years. Yet this doesn’t mean that you can leave your fruit trees to their own devices after planting them if you want them to flourish. Multiple environmental factors can mean that the nutrients your fruit trees need aren’t necessarily present in their soil, and lack of vital nutrients can affect their growth and fruit production. To ensure the best conditions for your fruit trees, establish a fertilizing calendar according to their annual growth rate and conduct annual soil analyses to keep track of what is needed.

Top Tips for Pruning

While it can be tempting to allow your fruit trees to grow wildly, it is in your best interests for managing and harvesting them to keep them well pruned. In fact, fruit trees should be pruned at planting to balance the top with the roots to give them the best start. As your fruit trees grow, aim to prune them annually after the dangers of fall and winter freezing have passed but before they are due to fully bloom in the spring. Regular pruning will help to higher fruit yields as well as keeping your yard looking tidy.

Preventing Pests and Infections

Fruit Tree & Plant Guard

Planting trees in your garden adds character, provides shade, and benefits the environment. Fruit trees have the added benefit of providing delicious produce for your enjoyment. To see that they flourish, be sure to regularly fertilize, prune, and treat your backyard fruit trees.Perhaps the most significant threat to a plentiful harvest from your fruit trees is the impact of pests and infection. As well as affecting the health of your own trees and limiting your yield of edible produce, pests and infections can spread to other orchards. Be sure to treat your trees with appropriate sprays in early spring to protect the health of both your own trees and any fruit trees in your local area.