Garden Tips

Veggie Planting Guides and Tips

Each person has to decide at what point their garden is ready for certain types of herb and vegetable plants. Creating a planting calendar will help you plan correctly from seed to harvest. Perennial herbs can be planted just about anytime it starts o get warm, but... Read more

Forsooth, Forsythia!

This shrub offers a spectacular yellow spectacle so very early in spring you’ll wish you had one (or two) to chase drab winter’s hues away! The blooms of forsythia bush offer bright yellow flowers on long, arching branches for a cheery splash of early... Read more

For the Birds!

Gardening with birds in mind is a great way to bring additional beauty and balance to your growing space. These winged wonders not only help with pollination and spreading of seeds, but offer chemical-free insect control as well. Adding a few plants, shrubs, and trees... Read more