What’s in a Name: some say the genus name of Rosa is derived from the Celtic rhos or rhod (meaning red) others from a Roman beauty named Rhodanthe

History: The most popular story of the rose’s origin centers around a
beautiful Roman woman named Rhodanthe, who traveled to the Temple of Diana, seeking refuge from persistent suitors. The suitors broke down the temple gates, infuriating Diana so much that she turned the suitors into thorns and Rhodanthe into a beautiful flower – the Rose.

Symbolism: All roses are said to symbolize love and appreciation, but each color has specific meaning as well; such as white for purity and yellow for true friendship.

Did You Know?
• Roses are considered a good luck gift for women
• Rosebuds symbolize beauty and youth.
• Medieval gardens had roses for both medicine & food
• Rose hips – apple-like structures that form after flowering – are high in vitamin C
• Roses are in the same family as apples