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Cactus for Christmas!

Cactus for Christmas!

Have you noticed the odd-looking plants with neon bright flowers blooming since around Halloween? You may know them as Thanksgiving, Christmas cactus or Crab cactus. Whatever you call them, they're certainly bright and cheerful, and bring a bold bloom of color indoors during the winter months. These plants don't resemble their cactus cousins. Native to forests and jungles rather than desert regions, these plants are generally epiphytic, growing on trees or rocks. Distinctly flattened claw-like...

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Is There a Hard Freeze Coming? What to Do.

Is There a Hard Freeze Coming? What to Do.

Protecting your garden plants during the first freeze of the year is essential to ensure they survive and thrive. Here are some steps you can take to safeguard your garden: Monitor the Weather: Keep an eye on weather forecasts, especially during the fall and early winter. Knowing when the first freeze is expected will help you plan accordingly. Water Your Plants: Well-hydrated plants are more resilient to freezing temperatures. Water your garden thoroughly a day or two before the expected...

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Protecting Trees from Drought Stress

Protecting Trees from Drought Stress

Summer can be the most stressful time of year for landscape plants with heat and drought being the main offenders. When not receiving sufficient moisture, plants are much more susceptible to insect and disease damage. Trees are the most valuable landscape plants and can be the most difficult to replace, so it is sensible that they should be given priority during periods of drought. Identify Drought Trouble Lack of water is not a clear indication of a drought when it comes to trees. Many trees...

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Our Bulk Yard is Your Best Go-To Spot in the Tri-Cities!

Our bulk yard is invaluable for landscaping projects . We deliver a great variety of rock, mulch, dirt, gorgeous fieldstone, and sod. The many trailer concrete mixers we have for the do-it-yourselfers will spare you hours and hours of grueling labor for those smaller pours, and we carry the tools to do the job too. Just let us know what you need! Give us a shout to reserve supplies for your next project!


Mon – Sat: 8AM – 6PM
Sunday: 10AM – 5PM
Memorial Day: 9AM – 6PM


607 Aaron Drive
Richland, WA 99352
(509) 946-1000

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Save Your Back and Your Weekend

Got a weekend cement project but don’t want to mix by hand, and a big mixing truck is too much? Grab one of our buggies and you can pour your own dog runs, patios, walkways and fence post

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